Happy Holiday Season to all!   This is a wonderful time of the year to fulfill your dreams of buying a home, or trading for another.  Market conditions are extremely good at this time of year.  Fewer people are shopping, meaning less demand for houses.  Prices are now being moderated.  Mortgage money availability is excellent.  Don't wait for spring, when buyers will be out in greater numbers.  Interest rates will likely have increased, making fewer buyers qualified and less motivated because of increased costs.  This results in a smaller pool of buyers that would be able to purchase in a certain price range.  This is a "lose/lose situation".   Neither the seller nor the buyer benefit.   So, take advantage of tis information, by shopping early for the home you wish to buy, avoid any increases in interst rates that may evlove as th eyear progresses, and if trrading, put your self in a better negotiating position by having your current home under contract with your buyer.